2018 Summer casual Shorts Men Linen Cotton solid loose man Drawstring soft Comfortable Flax shorts bermuda plus size 5XL K66

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Linen Clothes Washing And Maintenance

Washing 1, dry cleaning, water washing can be accepted. Dry cleaning is best. 2, before water washing, into 30-50 degrees Celsius water soak for 10 minutes. 3, detergent selection neutral. 4, hand washing, do not wriggle too hard. then Tile, dry naturally. 5, 80% + dry, you can high-temperature ironing, the clothes will be more smooth. 6, machine washing, remember to use anti-wrinkle function, it not allowed to throw water. Maintenance 1, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place. 2, need to clean before storage, to avoid mold. 3, if moldy, soaked in oxygen-containing detergent for a while, clean, dry naturally. 4, do not put linen clothes into the cedar wood wardrobe. Service 1: Please fill in the correct recipient address information: Complete, accurate recipient information will help to get the package to your address more quickly. The complete address information should include the following information: Recipient’s name: (Please use the name of official document) receiver’s address: Street name, home number (apartment number), the name of the district 2:shipping and time: a):We send all packages can be tracked b):Normally it takes 15-45 days to arrive in most countries, depending on the country.If you need a faster service, please contact our customer service! If you do not receive your package for 60 days(brazil:90 days), we will refund your payment in full or send it back to you. You will not have any loss! 3:Size information: Our size is the size of China Asian, so buyers must carefully verify the size of information before the purchase, all size information are measured by physical size information, buyers how to Choose the right size? Please measure your usual wear clothing data information, then refer to the size of information, select your size and similar to our size! 4:Communication: We work 12 hours a day (except weekends and holidays),If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your inquiry within 1-12 hours.We will keep track of the status of each package during the execution of the order. We will contact you if your package arrives at the local area. If you have not received the package, we will contact you. Please keep in touch with us!

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